Say Yes! Toolkit

To address the challenges and engage local people about their health, we have created a local health awareness brand, campaign and resources called ‘Say Yes!’. Due to the wide range of health challenges in Rotherham, this local awareness brand is the ‘umbrella’ that can be used across all campaigns.

We have created a series of assets to support the following public health issues; smoking, alcohol, eating well and moving more, however, we want to encourage you to use the assets to support your own campaigns, e.g. ‘Say Yes! To volunteering’, ‘Say Yes! To giving blood’ and ‘Say Yes! To joining our community group’ – the campaign has endless applications to truly make a difference to people living in Rotherham.

‘Say Yes!’ messaging raises awareness through a positive voice rather than directional messaging, building on engagement and learning gathered during our insight work – not telling people what to do, making it their choice through positive encouragement is key to engagement.

Why we created the ‘Say Yes!’ campaign

People from Rotherham can expect to live shorter lives when compared with the England average and are also more likely to spend a large proportion of their lives in poor health. Many of the factors driving these poor health outcomes – such as smoking, drinking alcohol, poor diet, and a lack of physical activity – are largely preventable. These risk factors also contribute towards significant health inequalities between Rotherham’s most and least deprived communities.

Local professional stakeholders fed back that there has been a lack of a clear, up-to-date resources to signpost people to advice and information about local support around these public health issues. This was reinforced through engagement with local community groups who said that it is hard to find local information, services and activities that would support them to lead a healthier life.

There are lots of local programmes in place to support with these health risk factors which will benefit from promotion, particularly in high-risk communities (such as those living in areas of high deprivation.)

How do we know that ‘Say Yes!’ will make a difference to people’s lives?

Audiences’ receptiveness to campaigns will vary as found in our discovery phase of insight work. 95% of people who preferred the ‘Say Yes!’ concept were generally not in good health and those that preferred other concepts were generally in good health. This provided us with clear-cut direction on messaging required to engage those where behaviour change is of greater need.

What can you do to help?

You can actively promote the public health ‘Say Yes!’ messages and create your own campaigns using the ‘Say Yes!’ toolkit and share via your communication channels to help us to raise collective awareness of the campaign to people in Rotherham. 

Using and embedding the ‘Say Yes!’ campaign assets and voice through your own campaigns will bring it to life for everyone – a social movement that will bring change behaviour at every level.

We have created the following toolkit that can be used to support the promotion of the campaign.  

  • Say Yes! Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Website Banners
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Posters
  • Flyers

This toolkit is not static and will continue to be evolved and added to, ensuring we keep the campaign fresh and don’t lose momentum.

If there is anything you would like to see added to the toolkit, please click here.

Why should you get involved?

Together we can do more – helping each other to:

  • Improve the health and wellbeing and prevent ill-health (without actually saying the direct ‘prevent’ directional message)
  • Create the opportunity for people to make changes for a healthier future
  • Gove people the confidence to make changes – no matter how small a change.
  • Instil the importance of people taking charge of their own health
  • improve and increase communication and access to information for local people
  • drive engagement and interaction through established channels

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